Customizing View Binders

By Jeffrey Zeimetz on 2014-12-01 15:36:18 -

View binders, binders with a clear plastic overlay on top of the standard colored vinyl covers, are the most popular binder in use today.  Indoff offers a wide selection of these binders under the View Binder tab in our online catalog.  This popularity is due to the ability to insert pages into the clear plastic sleeves that allow the outside covers of the binders to be customized in unlimited ways.


Think corporate logo, title page - really any way to convey to the recipient the contents that lie within.  There are products to assist you with customizing the front and back covers as well as the spine (should the binder eventually be stored upright on a shelf or bookcase).


Avery manufacturers a number of products that make the creation and insertion of these cover/spine sheets easy and affordable.  You will also find these products under the View Binders tab.


in addition, Avery offers many free MS Word compatible templates that may be downloaded to make the process of producing the insert sheets easier.  Jut click on the download link to access these free templates.